S2E: A company committed to a sustainable future

In a world where sustainability and eco-responsibility have become major concerns, S2E stands out for its deep commitment to the environment and society.

A recognized eco-responsible approach

S2E is committed not only in words, but also in deeds. The company has been awarded the Ecovadis label, is a member of the French Business Climate Pledge and belongs to the Coq Vert community.

The Ecovadis label: recognition of our commitment

Ecovadis evaluates companies on their corporate social responsibility performance. By obtaining this label, S2E demonstrates its commitment to ethical, social and environmental practices.

French Business Climate Pledge: taking action for the climate

As a member of the French Business Climate Pledge, S2E is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and adopting more environmentally-friendly practices.

The Coq Vert community: a network of committed companies

Joining the Coq Vert community demonstrates S2E’s commitment to working with other companies to promote sustainability and eco-responsibility.

Why is this commitment essential for S2E?

Eco-responsibility is not just a trend, it’s a necessity. For S2E, this commitment lies at the heart of its values and vision for the future.

A positive impact on society

By adopting eco-responsible practices, S2E is helping to create a better world for future generations.

A response to customer expectations

Increasingly, customers are looking for partners committed to sustainability. S2E’s commitment is to meet this demand while offering quality solutions.

Find out how our eco-responsible solutions can meet your needs.

S2E’s eco-responsible future

S2E’s commitment doesn’t stop there. The company is constantly looking for new ways to improve its practices and reinforce its commitment to eco-responsibility.

Innovations for a sustainable future

S2E invests in research and development to create even more environmentally-friendly solutions.

Working together for greater impact

By working with other companies and organizations, S2E hopes to multiply its impact and promote eco-responsibility on a wider scale.

The tangible benefits of eco-responsibility

Adopting an eco-responsible approach is more than just a moral or ethical commitment. It also offers tangible benefits for the company.

Cost reduction

By adopting more environmentally-friendly practices, S2E has been able to make savings, particularly in terms of energy consumption and waste management.

Brand image enhancement

S2E’s commitment to eco-responsibility strengthens its image with customers and partners, making the company a benchmark player in its sector.

Attracting and retaining talent

More and more professionals want to work for companies that share their values. S2E’s commitment to eco-responsibility makes it an employer of choice.

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Eco-responsibility in the design and manufacture of special machines for plastic parts

Eco-responsibility is more than just a buzzword for S2E. It’s a deep commitment that guides every decision and action the company takes. By placing sustainability at the heart of its strategy, S2E demonstrates that responsibility and performance can go hand in hand.

S2E, a specialist in the design and manufacture of special machines for plastic parts, boasts over 40 years of technical expertise.

Combining innovation, sustainability and excellence, S2E offers tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of various industries, automotive and others.

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