Special machines for plastic parts


Special machines for plastic parts


Special machines for plastic parts with an integrated assembly function can benefit from the following features:

  • an ergonomic, adjustable workstation (rotation/tilt/height),
  • a visual check,
  • a light tunnel for quality control,
  • integration of various tools: screwdriver, stapler, drill, crimper, Bollhoff system…
  • an electrical continuity test,
  • clipping of plastic parts,
  • integration of intelligent systems: Industry 4.0, connectivity…
  • a stand-alone unit, for 1 or 2 operators,
  • an assembly line.

S2E can therefore provide you with customized solutions, with no limitations, adaptable to any need.

installed assembly equipment

Assembly solutions

Process fluidity

Streamline processes and optimize customer production flows.

Defining needs with the customer

S2E provides an optimized solution, whatever the customer’s needs in terms of plastic parts assembly.

Customized configuration

This optimized solution for assembling plastic parts is, of course, entirely customized.

Interconnected substations

Assembly stations are interconnected, enabling data transfer from station to station.

Data backup and archiving

The data exchanged is saved and archived.

assembly equipment supplied

Optimized solution for every application (comfort – ergonomics – safety).

Solution adaptable to any workshop configuration, production process and speed.

Special machines for plastic parts for all industries

Examples of special machines for plastic parts including assembly

Special machines for plastic parts

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Do you have a need or a project for a special machine for plastic parts?

Let’s discuss your specifications and the various functions to be integrated into your machine, such as assembly, screwing, riveting and inspection.

Other functions of S2E special machines for plastic parts

Cutting and punching

Ultrasonic welding