Special machines for plastic parts


Special machines for plastic parts

Automation in special machines

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Over 40 years’ experience in automation enables us to propose solutions tailored to your needs: simple or more complex architectures with fieldbuses, industrial networks and industrial IT will be developed and implemented by our design office to meet the constraints of different applications.

Our expertise in programming SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER and OMRON PLCs ensures a high level of reliability. Operator communication interfaces are developed according to our graphic charter, ensuring intuitive, user-friendly machine operation. Information useful for analysis and operation can be displayed on the HMI: alarm history, part counters, production mode, etc.

We can also adapt to your own PLC and HMI programming standards to standardize your machine park.

With Industry 4.0, machines are no longer autonomous entities, but are now increasingly interconnected. Our production data archiving solutions ensure traceability of important parameters.

The benefits of automation

Increased efficiency

Automation of special-purpose machines considerably increases production efficiency. By eliminating human error and guaranteeing consistent production, automation ensures consistent part quality.

Cost reduction

Integrating automation into special-purpose machines can significantly reduce production costs. Less waste, better use of resources and a reduction in the amount of manpower required all contribute to substantial savings in the medium term.

Production flexibility

With automation, production can be quickly adapted to different needs or specifications. Whether it’s changing part models or adjusting production rates, automation offers unrivalled flexibility.

Enhanced safety

Automated machines are designed to operate optimally without direct human intervention, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries in the workplace.

Traceability and control

Automation enables complete production traceability. Every step of the process is recorded, providing total transparency and enabling rigorous quality control.

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Optimizing production processes

Automation plays a crucial role in optimizing production processes. By automating repetitive tasks and ensuring constant precision, automated special-purpose machines can increase production rates while guaranteeing impeccable part quality.

Adaptability and scalability

One of the major strengths of automation lies in its ability to adapt to changing production needs. Whether to meet growing demand, integrate new functionalities or comply with new standards, automation solutions offer scalability that enables companies to remain competitive in an ever-changing industrial environment.

Special machines for plastic parts for all industries

Examples of special machines for plastic parts incorporating automation

Special machines for plastic parts

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