Special machines for plastic parts


Special machines for plastic parts

Integration into the special machine

Integration can range from very simple components to complete processes. Basic tire and elec components with gluing system, laser engraving, vision, robots….etc

Integration is the basis of S2E’s activities. And that’s our strength, because we have a very wide range of suppliers, enabling us to respond to many functions in our field of activity: plastic parts.

Thanks to our close relationships with our suppliers, we can quickly offer full-scale trials to validate a solution. We can compare solutions with different suppliers.

We listen to our customers and are always ready to make suggestions. We can also study the integration of a solution provided by a customer, when this has been validated upstream by the customer. We can share the risk with our customer in the case of new processes.

We are also constantly on the lookout for new solutions from our suppliers. We may even be able to offer integration contracts with new customers.

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Integration at S2E: a wide range of partners and suppliers







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Mechanical engineering

Specific processes

Partner suppliers

Proven integration expertise

At S2E, we pride ourselves on our in-depth expertise in the integration of special machines for plastic parts. Our experience enables us to integrate components ranging from the simplest to the most complex processes, guaranteeing a solution tailored to each specific need.

Close collaboration with renowned suppliers

Our close collaboration with a wide range of suppliers enables us to offer innovative and efficient solutions. Whether for basic components or advanced systems such as bonding, laser engraving, vision or robotics, we have the resources and partnerships to meet every requirement.

Special machines for plastic parts for all industries

Examples of special machines for integrating plastic parts

Special machines for plastic parts

To find out more about integration…

Do you have a need or a project for a special machine for plastic parts?

Let’s discuss your specifications and the various functionalities to be integrated into your machine, such as the integration of vision, process control, engraving or gluing elements.

Other functions of S2E special machines for plastic parts

Cutting and punching

Ultrasonic welding