Special machines for plastic parts


Special machines for plastic parts

Retrofitting special machines

Retrofitting an industrial machine gives it a new lease of life by partially replacing its components. Parts whose wear no longer allows the machine to operate optimally are replaced.

Retrofitting also applies to obsolete processes, which can be significantly improved by adding state-of-the-art components and functions.

Mechanical functions can be modernized by retrofitting with electronics, as in the case of adding a numerical control.

Last but not least, re-styling enables a machine initially designed for another range to be adapted to a specific process.


Increased post-retrofit productivity

The benefits of retrofitting


Possible savings on new projects in the face of pressure to keep costs down.

Eco-responsible solution

As integrated components have a longer lifespan than the machine itself, retrofitting allows you to enhance rather than destroy.

Modular solution

The entire machine, or individual components or sub-assemblies, can be reused.


Retrofitting reduces machine construction and set-up times.

Compliance and Safety

Retrofitting ensures that your machines meet today’s standards, guaranteeing optimum safety for operators.


reduced carbon footprint (*)

Up to 40% savings depending on the level of retrofit.

Durable solution.

Special machines for plastic parts for all industries

Examples of special machines for retrofitting plastic parts

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Scan image to see modification

Scan image to see modification

Special machines for plastic parts

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Other functions of S2E special machines for plastic parts

Cutting and punching

Ultrasonic welding